Sunday, 6 March 2016


So it's been a while since I've been on here. The reason is that I've experienced a horrific loss and haven't really been able to write or engage with people in a few months. I'm hoping to engage more soon, but for now, please bear with me.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A bit from Arcadian's Balm

Yes, I'm still working away. A massive flu has me nice and stuffed and doped up, but at least I have time to sit down and write. Anyhow, here's a quote from Arcadian's Balm that I rather like:

“Folks want to be gifted,” the Clan Mother said. “They wants to be special, do something others can’t, be something beyond what we’re born to be. But few see the burdens and the responsibilities of such a thing. We has the hearts of men. And the hearts of men cannot rightly control the power of what is more than us. We most often fail.”

As was hinted at in Wildlander's Woman, there are certainly preternatural powers bouncing around the Wildlands. In Arcadian's Balm, we delve into that a little more, looking at the effect that such gifts have on the human psyche and how terribly wrong it can all go if the person who has the gift does not have the moral strength to control it and use it for good.

I think it's natural to believe that the rules don't necessarily apply to oneself, that you can handle even the tough tests of integrity, because you somehow aren't susceptible to the temptations and weaknesses of the human condition. But the fact is, we all are. We all fail. We all thoughtlessly hurt people along the way. And sometimes the fallout of our own arrogance can be rather devastating. We will explore those ideas in Arcadian's Balm.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sneak Peek from Arcadian's Balm

So I'm still pounding away at Arcadian's Balm. This story takes us out of the Circle of the NorthWest Wood and across the northern part of the Wildlands, right to the Grand Circle of the Wildlands (think capital city). So we'll see a little more of Wildland culture and the different ways they live. We'll also see a familiar face we might not have expected.

After the Circle meeting, the warrior Rustan offered to bring Lorien back to her lodging. Though she knew the way, Lorien accepted the offer with grace, and walked alongside the sad-eyed warrior through the various rings of the Grand Circle. After the coarse simplicity of the Circle of the NorthWest Wood and the Circle of the Grey Mountains, Lorien was struck yet again at the sophisticated architecture of the Grand Circle. At first glance, the buildings seemed rather simple, but she could see the care and work that had gone into them, the building techniques unlike any she’d ever seen in Arcadia, and the careful attention to detail and aesthetics that made it all so lovely to look upon.
As they walked, she thought about her conversation with the Grand Mother, and remembered her question. “The Clan Mother of my home Circle… she has pale green eyes,” Lorien said to Rustan.
He nodded calmly, and kept silent.
“And then the Clan Mother in the Circle of the Grey Mountains… hers are the same color.”
“Aye.” Rustan lightly grasped her elbow and led her round a corner to cut across a courtyard into the next ring. “You has thoughts about this?”
“The Grand Mother’s eyes were the same color.” Lorien recognized the road they emerged into as the one where her lodgings lay. “Cale told me that sometimes the Clan Mothers are of the same families. Would three sisters all be Mothers of different Circles?”
Rustan smiled down at her, and she could see that he was pleased in spite of the sorrow that hung over him like a heavy cloak. “It may happen like that,” he said slowly. “If we were ever to have a family with three living daughters, which has not happened in many years. But the truth you seek here is that all the Clan Mothers has the same eyes. Comes with the Light in them, when their magick grows strong enough. The Grand Mother, back in earlier years, she has one blue eye and one brown one.”
Lorien thought about the other elders in the Circle, including the small one who had spoken so gently to her about her Gift. “That other man… Willem, he had one brown and one blue eye.”
“Aye.” Rustan straightened a little, and for a moment pride shone through his sorrow. Warder had shown that same pride, Lorien remembered, when he’d caressed her burgeoning belly. To her shock, the thought of her former husband no longer caused a slice of pain, but rather the soft warmth of a fond memory.
“Is that a common thing, for eyes to be different colors in the Wildlands?”
Rustan shook his head, grey-streaked brown hair moving softly in the breeze. “Very unusual. Only ones I ever see are Willem and his sister. They shares a womb, comin’ into this world.”
Yes, the gentleness in Willem’s face was reflected in that of the Grand Mother. “So you knew them… before?”
“Aye.” In the space of a breath, Rustan’s pride slid into something different entirely, something that Lorien would have called agony. But he schooled his features. “I knows ‘em many years. I can no longer speak the Grand Mother’s name, is not the way of things, but I knows it well.”
“Is she your mother?”
Smiling, Rustan touched his palm to the side of Lorien’s face in the formal manner of an older relation showing affection to a younger one. “She’s mother to us all, aye? I protects and cares for her. Is why I lives and breathes, now.”
Again that raw anguish flashed in his face.
Lorien grasped his hand. “I’m glad I met you, Rustan. I think we shall be good friends.”
“Indeed, little sister.”

Friday, 31 July 2015

The Naughty 10... Interview with C.B. Archer

So here's my interview with C.B. Archer, author of the Breakers of the Code series. Still not finished (summer is disgustingly busy... why do they call it vacation?), but it's thus far a great deal of fun, especially if you're a gamer, or if you have dirty elf fantasies.

Jenycka: What was the naughty spark for you? What made you decide to start writing sexy novels?
CB: I was having an argument with my boyfriend at the time who desperately wanted to be a writer. I started to write a novel to prove to him that he could start writing as well and not just dream about being famous. I could call this attempted inspiration, but at the time it was definitely for spite. We were not in the best relationship place at the time. (It is okay, we are friends now.)
That is why I started to write, but not why I kept on writing. It was so much fun when the short story became a full fantasy series in just a few days of restless sleep. I couldn’t stop.
As to why I wrote a sexy novel, this story just always was supposed to be sexy. The little scrawled note I had of various monsters to bang an elf dictate it to be so. I do remember sitting there looking at the flashing icon in Word for some time. The next words I needed to type were ‘thick member’. I knew that if I typed them that this story would forever be sexy, that there was no turning back. It flashed for about an hour, and then I said “Screw it, (literally)”.

Jenycka:  What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?
The waiting is the hardest part. I should have just listened to Tom Petty when I had the chance!
There is a whole lot of hurry up and wait that goes hand in hand with writing. Beta-Readers, editors, (designers for people that didn’t do their own graphics), and publishers all have waiting times. I was stuck in a waiting for publishers to call me crazy loop for over a year before deciding to self publish.

Jenycka:  How about the easiest? What part of writing do you just take like a pro?
CB: I have a strange sense of humour (it is what makes me lovable I am told). Adding in my own bizarre blend of humour comes naturally to my writing projects. I figure that if I add enough things that I think are funny to a project, at least a few of them will actually be funny to others!

Jenycka:  What feelings do you have deep down upon seeing your project published?
CB: Taco dancing feelings, like I suspect most writers have when seeing a project completed.
Yes, I should explain that better, I agree with you person reading this. When I received my first proof copy of this book I had to go the grocery shopping right after. I spent my time in the store picking out the ingredients to make some lovely chicken tacos, while absent mindedly dancing for joy around the entire store. It took about fifteen odd looks from other shoppers until I realized what I was doing, but I was too happy to stop and danced right out of the store as well. (And yes, the tacos were amazing!)

Jenycka:  Describe the Annals of Genitalia. What’s this story about? Why should people want to read it?
CB: *Giggles* It is called Annals of Gentalia, not Genitalia. (To be fair people are supposed to read it wrong!) The name of the world is Gentala, and this series of novels, and all future planned novels, will take place there. It is the broad umbrella, much like a Dragonlance novel, or a Garfield analogy.
The bigger story is that someone has perverted the programming of a MMORPG fantasy game and made it rated A for Adult. The different planned series are the stories that happen to the avatars that play within the world. The Anders’ Quest Series is about what happens specifically to Anders and his companions in his playtime in the perverted realm.
As to why people would want to read it, well it is deviously geeky and deliciously satirical. If you have ever read fantasy novels, or played a Role-Playing game before (and you don’t mind a little steamy elf male on monster male action) then this novel will make you smile from ear to elfy ear.

Jenycka:  Tell us a little about Anders, your main character. What makes him interesting?
CB:  I think what makes Anders the most interesting is that he doesn’t really belong in the Anders’ Quest Series. He is shy about sex, doesn’t curse, and has absolutely no place being the main character in an erotica novel. He still carries on strong though, and tries to help his friends, even if he needs to get embarrassed and sweaty to do it. His perseverance, in the sight of adversity (and giant floppy monster members) makes him just so precious.
Also, he defeats monsters by using his magical sex powers. Have you ever read a novel like that before?

Jenycka:  So I understand that there is a great deal of mixing it up when it comes to the sex in your novel. No basic heteronormativity here. Even the (sentient, capable-of-consent) species mix it up. Elves on trolls, etc. Care to explain yourself? (In detail if possible.)
CB: If you decide to have sex in a world where there mythical monsters exist, and they are horny for you, then I think that widens your dating pool somewhat. Technically all of the monsters, even the beastly ones, are sentient in this novel. They are computer programs, and they are aware of what is going on around them.
I think the closest thing to hetronormativity in this series is probably the giant sex competition. (That is giant, as in it features giants having sex, not as in the completion itself is large.)
The avatars that have lustful thoughts over each other are not the same fantasy race as each other. I just noticed that now that you asked. Well, people fall for different types, I see no reason why elves and dwarves shouldn’t be banging each other. I mean, have you seen The Lord of the Rings movies? Because I have and Legolas and Gimli are cute together!

Jenycka:  What made you decide to write about a pantsless elf’s journey through a sexy MMORPG?
CB: On the fateful day that I started to write this book series I actually had a few different ideas for a series squirreled away.
One was already on a full spreadsheet, it had a fully fleshed out the world, already named characters, a planned out plot (including twists and turns), and a valuable lesson to for readers to learn about the power of friendship and teamwork.
The other idea was scrawled messily on a crumpled post-it note. It was simply a list of nine fantasy monsters that would be fun to watch bang an elf. I had nothing really planned for it at all, not even a name for the main character. Just in the back of my mind, the story was forming.
So like any sane person I closed my well prepared spreadsheet of notes, flattened out that post-it note with elf screwing monsters on it, and started to bang something out!
Fun facts: It wasn’t set in a video game originally in my head and it took until the very first word written on the page until that happened. Yes, one word and it was set in a video game instead of a normal fantasy setting. The pantsless part just came naturally as the story progressed. He was going to find pants right away, but well, it was funnier if he didn’t!

Jenycka:  Is there a message you would like to convey with this story?
CB: Sex doesn’t need to be stuffy, and neither does erotica. Sex can be fun, new, and unexpected. Don’t close your mind to new experiences! The next time you find yourself in a glade in your travels and see a Hydra try to find a new way of finding out how many heads he has!

Jenycka:  What advice would you give aspiring authors? (It can be advice about naked elves if you wish).
CB: Stop starting tomorrow! If there is something you want to do, then do it! It doesn’t matter if that thing is writing a novel, or pounding a naked elf – take your dream and go for it!

You can hear more from C.B. at these links:
Twitter: @CB_Archer
Goodreads: C.B. Archer

So, thanks C.B. for this awesomely fun novel, and thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by me (and for interviewing me yourself). All the best in your future endeavours, and hopefully we here in Jenycka's steamy little fantasy world can hear from you again soon! 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Another Blog Interview

BIG thanks to C.B. Archer for interviewing me on his blog! Watch for my return interview with him, which should be up soon. I'm just getting into the first of his "Annals of Genitalia" series, and thus far it's a WHOLE lot of fun!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Anders' Quest Series Release - C.B. Archer

So my friend C.B. Archer has just released his first novel, Anders' Quest. In a few days, I'll be posting an interview with him. But here's the link to the book and a blurb for now. I haven't read it myself, but I'm going to beause it looks insanely cool. Erotica set in an MMORPG? Enough to set my gamer geek panties on fire, baby!

BTW, there's a lot of m/m in here.

A virtual world perverted.
An ancient threat ignored.
A spunky elf pantsless.

Industry giant Tornado Tech Games has just released their latest masterpiece, the massively multi-player online role playing game Annals of Gentalia. Anders, the plucky elf Night Ranger is pumped to explore its most secret depths.

But things are not always how they seem in the virtual world. When the elf accidently breaks into the hidden code of the game, his play experience is forever altered. Everyone has to adapt to a game world where the once normal monsters are now charged with sexual energy. Anders ends up setting off on an epic journey to save his own ass.

As the world quickly plummets into chaos around him, a vital question lingers. What kind of video game would willingly release a horde of sex crazed monsters into the world? More importantly to Anders, where can an elf get some pants around here!?

Warning: Contains m/m content and vigorous monster banging

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sexy Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing, so things are busy, but I thought you guys might like a snippet of Arcadian's Balm...

Tomis hovered beneath the water, letting go of air one slow bubble at a time. He could still hear the thunder, but it was a muffled rumble now, not nearly so jarring. The buoyant warmth around him was soothing. He floated, weightless, timeless, suspended….
He barely felt the grip over his bicep before he was yanked from his secure warmth, into cold air and the rattle of thunder.
As Tomis spit water, Gevaril’s enraged face filled his vision. “You fucking idiot! You tryin’ to drown yourself?”
Though Tomis had pretty much let himself go limp, it was nothing for Gevaril to haul him out of the bath-pool onto the stone floor. Finding his feet beneath him, he finally jerked away from his Clan head. “Leave me alone,” he snarled.
“Like fuck I will! What was going to happen? We get home after the storm, and our sweet bride wants to go take a bath, and there she finds her man bloated and belly-up? She’s already lost one mate, remember? We all have!”
Except Tomis. He’d lost two. But before Tomis could remind Gevaril of that fact, a boom of thunder cracked hard through the cave. Tomis clapped his hands over his ears and hunched against the pressure of the noise.
Instantly, Gevaril was beside him.
“Is all right,” the bigger man murmured, his voice low and soothing. “I knows you’re afraid, but I’ll keep you safe. I promise.”
Tomis’s limbs trembled, but he let Gevaril draw him up and lead him to the bedchamber. The warmth of Gevaril’s hard palm against his was enough to provide an anchor. It wouldn’t save him from all fear, but it was enough to prevent him from collapsing into panicked hysteria again.
For a moment, Tomis resisted Gevaril’s light pushes toward the bed. “Linens are clean,” he protested. “I’m all wet.”
“Nothing’s gonna be clean when we gets done with it,” Gevaril growled, and shoved him backward.
Heat pooled in Tomis’s groin. It lasted only until the next crack of thunder, which sent him curling on his side, whimpering. Though only the vents let in light, the flashes were enough to throw him into the memory of The Storm once again, and for a few moments he was a child again, helpless, alone.
“No.” Gevaril’s voice was firm as he stretched Tomis out, arranging him properly on the bed, head on a cushion, limbs straight. “You’re here now, b’y, and you ain’t alone.”
Gevaril, naked now, lay over him, hips above Tomis’s hips, knees bracketing Tomis’s knees, chest hovering over Tomis’s chest, palms over Tomis’s palms.
“Is just us,” he murmured against Tomis’s trembling lips. “Just see me. Hear me.”
It was the only thing that had ever worked, to help him through the storms. Tomis’s parents had held him, but he’d still be weak and whimpering for hours after the fact. In their early years together, Gevaril had discovered that a good fucking would distract Tomis enough to bear the storm without too much hysteria. Kendo and Delamia had found it too obscene, and they’d refused, only consenting to calm him through soothing words when he descended into this madness.
Gevaril, though….
The solid strength of his body was a balm to Tomis’s quivering soul, and he wanted to scream in rage at the many years, the many storms, he’d had to go without.
Gevaril seemed to understand the way of his mind. “I’m here now, Red,” he whispered. “Just let me in….”
Thunder boomed again.
“Just us, Red.” Gevaril’s voice was low and seductive. “Just me.”
Whimpering, Tomis let his mouth drop open, only to immediately feel the swipe of Gevaril’s tongue. He tasted like ale, smooth and sleek, and Tomis could do nothing but open further for him and suck him in. His cock grew hard, and he instinctively lifted his hips to seek sensation.